Dana's Songwriting Tours

Every once in a while I need to hit the road and go on a songwriting tour.  I go on a 5-7 day tours and writing every day with one to three writing sessions a day.  Being able to write and connect with musical family in person fills the soul.  I try to remember to take pictures :

The Song Wall

Every time I have a writing session in the studio, we write the title on the wall, date it and sign it.  It's a memory wall and maybe one day could be famous with a hit song on it!  I wish I could do that with Skype writing, because lots of folks virtually write in the room.  
Thanks to David Leask for the great idea :) Now if I could only remember to take a picture everytime we write on the wall.

Skype Co-writing with Dana

I skype write about 60% of the time when I co-write.  Now I just need to remember to take a picture now and then.  So much fun!


Random Pictures of Friends and Places