Song Demo Catalogue

I am constantly recording new songs and also uploading my backlog of songs.  If you want to follow along with the lyrics "click" info.  If you are interested in any of these songs, or interested in co-writing, contact me on my contact page or email me at danablayone@gmail.  Enjoy!

Song Cuts & Success

Songs Co-written by Dana Blayone 

Rebecca Lappa
Song: Your One
Written by: Rebecca Lappa & Dana Blayone
Album:   Tales Of Taurus
LISTEN: YouTube: Your One


Duane Steele 
Song: I Don't Drink The Water 
Written by: Duane Steele/Dana Blayone/Sherry Crawford 
Album: Bonfires & Guitars 
LISTEN : YouTube: I Don't Drink the Water

Tenille (Townes)
Song: Pictures On A Crooked Wall 
Written by: Tenille/Dana Blayone/Tim Taylor 
Album: Real 
LISTEN:  YouTube - Pictures On A Crooked Wall


Tenille (Townes)

Song: Wendy Can You Hear Me Peterpan 
Album: Real 
Written by: Tenille/Dana Blayone/Sherry Crawford 
LISTEN YouTube: Wendy (Can You Me Peterpan)  


David Leask
Song: You and I and the Universe 
Written By : David Leask/Dana Blayone 
Album: The Clarke Hall Sessions 
  David Leask Website: You & I & The Universe 
  LISTEN YouTube:You & I & The Universe 


Duane Steele 
Song: She Dreams Amazing 
Written by: Duane Steele/Dana Blayone/Sherry Crawford 
Album: Dirt & Dreams 
 LISTEN  Youtube - She Dreams Amazing 

Jay Semko
Song:Only Sometimes 
Written by: Jay Semko/Dana Blayone/Sherry Crawford 
Album: Flora Vista 
LISTEN  YouTube - Only Sometimes 

Sydney Mae
Song: Stayed Too Long 
Written By : Sydney Mae/Dana Blayone 
Album: Single
LISTEN  Track: Stayed Too Long

No Limitz (Sherry Crawford & Dana Blayone)   
Song: Thank You 
Written by: Sherry Crawford/Dana Blayone/Josh Rob Gwilliam
Album: Hold That Thought 
  YouTube - Thank You 

  4.2 Million+ YouTube Views




Song: The Man You Have Become
Written by: Sherry Crawford/Dana Blayone/Brenda Pashko
Album: I Know What I Know
  YouTube - The Man You Have Become (2 videos)

1+ million YouTube Views



Another 1 Million+ YouTube Views