Produced and Recorded by Josh Gwilliam


MAN OF MYSTERY © 2009 Dana Blayone/Sherry Crawford/Tim Taylor

Some guys—you just meet ‘em
Ten minutes you know their life story
First date—you’ve heard it all
Before you even get to the chicken cacciatore
You know their whole genealogy
And dysfunctional dating history

Whatever happened to a man of mystery
Hold back a little bit I don’t mind
If you gotta lay your cards on the table
Turn ‘em over one at a time
Too much information
Always leaves me wanting less
Leave a little to imagination
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with mysterious

Some guys leave their baggage
Spread out all over the floor
Leave the skeletons in the closet
Till I ask you open that door
If and when I do
I may even have a question or two


How ‘bout a guy like James Dean—James Bond—Johnny Depp
Oooohhh—Johnny Depp….

James Dean—James Bond—Johnny Depp - Johnny Cash - Humphrey Bogart - George Clooney….